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How to See the World


Mar 28 2016


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm


Forum for Scholars and Publics

011 Old Chemistry Building, Duke's West Campus Quad

How to See the World- A Discussion with Nick Mirzoeff

How to See the World

A Discussion with Nick Mirzoeff

This conversation, moderated by Duke professor Negar Mottahedeh, will cover Nick Mirzoeff’s new book How To See The World: An Introduction to Images, from Self-Portraits to Selfies, Maps to Movies, And More (Basic Books, 2016). We will discuss how he outlines a change from visual culture to visual activism in the light of a much changed world since 2008: young, urban, networked and hot. The discussion will range over Mirzoeff’s own participation in activism from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter and how his work covers a span from interpretive to digital humanities and the visual arts.


Nick Mirzoeff

New York University

Nicholas Mirzoeff is Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU.  He is one of the founders of the academic discipline of visual culture in books like An Introduction to Visual Culture (1999/2009) and The Visual Culture Reader (1998/2002/2012). He is currently Deputy Director of the International Association for Visual Culture and organized its first…...

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Negar Mottahedeh

Duke University

Negar Mottahedeh is Associate Professor in the Program in Literature and in the Women’s Studies Program at Duke University, a cultural critic, and film theorist specializing in interdisciplinary and feminist contributions to the fields of Middle Eastern Studies and Film Studies. She is the author of Displaced Allegories: Post-Revolutionary Iranian…...

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