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Since 2013, the Forum for Scholars and Publics at Duke has hosted over 300 conversations, performances, and workshops and has welcomed more than 500 guest speakers from around the world.

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Through faculty engagement, deep community partnerships, and international collaborations, we provide leading examples of new ways to connect scholars and publics locally and globally.

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We are people weavers. We explore new ways of bringing scholars into dialogue with community experts, artists and performers, writers, educators, and others whose work and ideas change conversations.

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About the Forum at Duke

Promoting public scholarship

The Forum for Scholars and Publics at Duke advocates for the vitality of community expertise and scholarly knowledge, both within and outside of the walls of the university. We organize programs and public events on and off campus, curate dynamic digital spaces for sharing research and commentary, host working groups and residencies, and engage with faculty, fellows, and community partners interested in exploring new ways to connect scholars and publics locally and globally.

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News & Updates

A Choreography of Freedom

“In the shift to Zoom University, I hope we don’t forget the lasting value of live encounters like this one.” Maya J. Berry remembers a student-driven choreography project inspired by the Visionary Aponte: Art & Black Freedom exhibit…

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The Pleasures of Perseverance

“As a longtime food writer and an anthropologist of food, I mourn the restaurant world in ways others would likely find melodramatic.” Kelly Alexander remembers a visit by Emmanuel Hondré of the Paris Philharmonic…

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Remembering War During a Pandemic

“One day I woke up and could no longer wear my uniform. And then I could no longer go to the movies. And then I could no longer live in America.” Robert Densmore remembers “Witnessing War” with Matt Gallagher…

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