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Our Collaborations

We develop partnerships focused on digital media, oral histories, community activism, exhibitions, and event series.


The Carisealand digital scholarship project provides a framework to imagine a more sustainable way of life for Caribbean people, now and into the future.

The project aims to create awareness around the risks of climate change taking place in the region, to collaborate with scholars and artists to find solutions to some of the greater social injustices resulting from climate change activity, and to offer models for alternate Caribbean futures in which the symbiosis of natural, social and economic environments leads to comfortable and equitable living and thriving for Caribbean peoples.

Visionary Aponte: Art & Black Freedom

Fall 2018: 9 Weeks of Visionary Aponte at Duke


The Artifact

Scholars contexualize the extraordinary — and now lost — “Book of Paintings” created by the Black Cuban revolutionary José Antonio Aponte.

Art Exhibition

15 contemporary artists reimagine Aponte’s book for our present and future.

Event Series

Artists, performers, activists, and scholars invite us to rethink the role of art and history in shaping social and political change.


Artists in residence at Duke create and unveil new works in conversation with Aponte’s book and the exhibit.

Musical Passage

With the creation of Musical Passage: Voyage to 1688 Jamaica, historian Laurent Dubois, composer David K. Garner, and literary scholar Mary Caton Lingold tell the story of a travel document and provide recordings that interpret the fascinating music unexpectedly found within its pages.

They highlight the role of “Mr. Baptiste,” the unknown musician tasked with the writing of the notation, arguing that he may have been a freed black performer native to the colonies, and a composer. The Musical Passage website makes it possible to engage with the music of New World Africans whose enduring legacy fell silent in the historical record for far too long.