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Livestream! Country Soul Songbook


Mar 15 2020


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Virtual Only

Country Soul Songbook mast

[ Click above to download the flyer ]


Country Soul Songbook II

Featuring Kamara Thomas, Rissi Palmer, Phil Cook, Kym Register & Libby Rodenbough

LIVESTREAM ONLY from NorthStar Church of the Arts due to COVID-19. Livestream link:

“I’m a storyteller, I grew up on Country, and for a long time I couldn’t accept that it was going to be harder for me as a woman of color to have people hear my Country songs. Anyone outside of the mainstream has always had to find ways to claim Country and Americana and make it their own. In the end, it’s about American stories, about telling the stories that haven’t been told, singing the canon in new ways, and hearing old songs come from the bodies of people who’ve been kept out. This project is my small attempt to drag Country into the future, because I love it too much.” —Kamara Thomas

Country Soul Songbook is a high-energy community celebration that spotlights alternative voices in Country-Soul-Americana music — a quarterly, seasonal, Durham-centric concert series community dinner featuring local musicians AND an online episodic documentary series highlighting artists, Durham culture, and the places (venues, restaurants, etc.) where our community gathers. The larger intent of the project is to explore, discuss, and demonstrate how the Country, Soul, and Americana genres, and the Durham community itself, are rooted in the same history and the same multi-race/multi-identity American soup. We want to build community bridges and celebrate our unity-in-diversity through the irresistible power of music, food, and the good times that gather people together. Learn more about the project at

The event is made possible with support from the Cucalorus Festival, Filmed in NC, NorthStar Church of the Arts, and Duke’s Forum for Scholars and Publics.

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