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Erin M. Lyons

Erin M. Lyons is a French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish > English translator, interpreter, medical writer, and consultant based in Paris, France. She is the owner of BiomedNouvelle and an adjunct professor at the École Supérieure de Commerce et d’Économie Numérique (France) and at the University of Maryland-College Park (USA). As an extension of her specialization in clinical research and medical devices, in 2016, she successfully developed BabelNouvelle, a mobile-based translation technology to facilitate medical services in Burkina Faso. Erin has also worked as a linguistic consultant for Africa-based UNHCR and Doctors Without Borders initiatives and as a frontline interpreter. In addition to her language career, Erin volunteers as a yoga teacher in the prison system and is also a published poet and writer.