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Christophe Boltanski

Le Nouvel Observateur

Christophe Boltanski is a French writer and journalist. A correspondent for the newspaper, Libération, in the Gulf and Middle East, he writes regularly today for the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, and the online review, Rue 89.  Boltanski pursues investigative work that has taken him from Palestine to Malaysia; the Scottish reaches of Europe to the Congo.

His essays include Sept Vies de Yasser Arafat [7 Lives of Yasser Arafat, 1997], Chirac d’Arabie [Chirac of Arabia, 2006], and his most recent, Minerais de sang : les esclaves du monde moderne [Blood Minerals : Slaves of the Modern World, 2014].

Boltanski is also known as a writer of the “true novel.” His narrative, La Cache, won major literary prizes last year, the Prix Fémina and le Prix des prix littéraires.