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Workshop: Creating a Public


Mar 03 2017


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Forum for Scholars and Publics

011 Old Chemistry Building, Duke's West Campus Quad

Writing to Create a Public

Writing to Create a Public

A Workshop with Corey Robin

Duke University faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to participate in a workshop featuring Professor Corey Robin. An active blogger (for his own blog and for the Crooked Timber collective) and writer for such outlets as The Nation, The London Review of Books, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dissent, and Boston Review, Robin will talk about strategies for reshaping scholarly work for a non-specialist audience and using the skills and insights developed through academic research to create and animate public discussion. Attendees should come prepared to discuss their own (informal) proposals for public-focused writing projects.

Helpful Advance Reading

How Intellectuals Create a Public, The Chronicle Review (January 22, 2016), B10-14

Co-sponsored by the Duke University Graduate School, the Faculty Write Program, the Thompson Writing Program, and the Forum for Scholars and Publics.


Corey Robin

Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center

Corey Robin is a professor of political science at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He is the author of The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin —”the book that predicted Trump” (The New Yorker)—and Fear: The History of a Political Idea. His articles have appeared in the…...

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