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#Docuhistory: Soccertown, USA


May 07 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Watch Party & Twitter Conversation

The award-winning documentary film, Soccertown, USA (2020), is the story of Tab Ramos, John Harkes, and Tony Meola, who grew up with a passion for the game in a country that didn’t share it. It’s the story of the 1990 and 1994 World Cups, when these childhood friends formed the backbone of the United States team that willed its way to famous victories and inspired the generations that would come after. But it’s also the story of a town — an American town — in which we can see the past, the present, and the future of the world's game. More info

We invite teachers, parents, and students to use this page to access the film and explore the related resources below as part of their curriculum or home-schooling.

The #docuhistory series aims to create an informal space where teachers, students, and historians can join together to watch a documentary and discuss teaching and learning about the film's subject matter. The series is organized by Joe Schmidt, New York City Department of Education, @HSGlobalHistory, in collaboration with the Forum for Scholars and Publics.

We held a viewing and discussion of Soccertown, USA on May 7, 2020. You can browse the discussion on Twitter by searching the #docuhistory hashtag or by checking in with discussion moderators Tom McCabe (@TomMcCabe5) and Matt Busch @MatthewJBusch). The resources shared through this conversation have been gathered by Joe Schmidt.


Resource List

Soccertown, USA

Soccertown, USA (2020) | Watch on YouTube

Discussion Questions

Compiled by the #Docuhistory team

Suggested question sets to guide the #Docuhistory Twitter discussion and for teachers to use with students in the classroom.

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The Football Scholars Forum

On Soccertown, USA

Tom McCabe, a historian, and Kirk Rudell, a Hollywood writer and producer, shared insights and experiences in making soccer documentaries, from writing the script by “letting the story tell itself” to interviewing people and “making it seem like a conversation in the bar.”

Listen to the Discussion

The Interview With the Guys That Made Soccertown, USA

With Tom McCabe and Kirk Rudell

The creators of Soccertown USA, Tom McCabe and Kirk Rudell, share some "behind the scenes" stories about the making of the greatest American soccer documentary ever made.

Watch the Video

"Soccertown USA" wins Inaugural Player Pass Award at K+S New York 2019

Kicking + Screaming Soccer Film Festival

The inaugural Player Pass Award winner is Soccertown USA, directed by Robert Penzel.

Read the Article

Soccer Politics Blog

Hosted by Duke University

The blog founded by Duke professor Laurent Dubois as a place for commentators, including students in the Duke class, “World Cup and World Politics,” to post thoughts, musings, rants, links, etc., related to the history and politics of soccer.

Visit the Site

Soccer Is Politics, Whether It Likes It or Not

By Rory Smith | New York Times

It is not possible for soccer to reap all of the rewards of its global ventures without acquiring some of the risk.

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Cooper’s Block: America’s First Soccer Neighbourhood

By Thomas A. McCabe | Soccer & Society

Essay tracing the evolution and influence of Cooper’s Block, a previously unknown Kearny, New Jersey, soccer neighbourhood.

Read the Essay

The Future of Football is Feminine: a Critical Cultural History of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

By Eileen Marie Narcotta-Welp

A deep look at the larger cultural frames — capitalism, sexism, and racism — constraining women's soccer and women's professional sport in general.

Read the Dissertation

The Secret History of American Soccer

By Brian Phillips | Slate

In the 1920s, soccer was on the cusp of becoming a major sport in the United States. Then it all crashed and burned.

Read the Article


Tom McCabe

Tom McCabe is the award-winning author of Miracle on High Street: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of St. Benedict's Prep School (Fordham University Press, 2010) and the co-writer and co-producer of SOCCERTOWN, USA, an American soccer documentary, which received the Audience Award at last year's Kicking+Screening film festival. Since 2007…...

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Matt Busch

Matt Busch is a high school history and sociology teacher in Bellevue, Washington. Matt has spent the last four years at Bellevue High School and prior to that has taught in Bellingham and Spanaway, Washington. Regardless of teaching location, he has taught AP World History for the past 10 years.…...

Read More

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