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Juan Acevedo

Juan Acevedo Fernández de Paredes is a Peruvian artist and art educator widely known for his 50-year trajectory as a cartoonist, especially for his famous character El Cuy. Acevedo’s prolific work is compiled in outstanding comic books that reveal his political and humanistic concerns as well as his expertise in a variety of techniques and styles. His cartoons are very sophisticated and intimate at different levels. For instance, we have his eclectic work in Pobre Diablo; his adaptation of César Vallejo’s Paco Yunque; and his graphic narrative about Tupac Amaru II. Acevedo’s cartoons are also straightforward, humorous, and endearing. In this line of work, we have his political comic strips (e.g., Kuraka, Love Story, among others), La Araña No, and El Cuy. The iconic Cuy, a Peruvian guinea pig, is now 39 years old. El Cuy is still time traveling with his friend Humberto, and facing his archenemy, the fascist Videchet.

Acevedo’s pedagogical vocation is manifest in his materials for creating cartoons and in his workshops. His foundational book Para hacer historietas (Creating Comic Strips) has numerous editions and translations. These materials are the result of his early experiences in developing cartooning workshops. Acevedo has conducted these workshops in Peru and many other countries for a variety of audiences, including communities affected by poverty and discrimination.

Bio Mar 2019