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What the Hell-a-Thon II


May 16 2020


4:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Virtual Only


What the Hell-a-Thon II

In Support of Durham Artists & Venues

Join us on the world-wide wavelength Saturday, May 16th, for the second installment of the WTH broadcast series. Included in this next edition will be offerings from Des Ark, Omisade Burney Scott, Laura Ballance, Tristain Parks, Catherine Edgerton, Joe Westerlund, Mirah, Jade Payne (of Aye Nako), and more. The show benefits The Pinhook, Northstar Church of the Arts, and the Durham Artist Relief Fund.

"What the Hell-a-Thon" was founded on the essential question: What the hell are you doing right now to try to make sense of this moment? The question itself came as a response to the mental gymnastics artists and arts presenters found themselves doing in early March. While the creative community worked to stabilize our pivot foot, The Pinhook and NorthStar wanted to ensure that they could maintain their commitments to providing platforms for marginalized artists, engaging wider audiences, and continuing to generate resources for artists through their respective venues.

This series is their best attempt at beaming the vibes of their venues straight out to you in your living rooms. WTH II promises to continue to expand on your favorite artists' lesser-known mediums, defy conformity of genres, cross state lines, and attempt to transmit a sense of community while we continue to gather in virtual spaces.

Stream What the Hell-a-thon II for free via and

Co-sponsored by The Pinhook, Northstar Church of the Arts, WUNC Music, Merge Records, the Durham Artist Relief Fund, and the Forum for Scholars and Publics.

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