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How Artists Work: Amy Smith


Mar 22 2023


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Virtual Only

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In this series of conversations throughout the Spring 2023 semester, Professor Sarah Wilbur (Duke Dance and Theater Studies) invites the community to join her class, "Art as Work: Valuing Labor in the Arts", for a public seminar where she engages in conversation with artists and arts labor researchers about how artists work today.

This week, Professor Wilbur is in conversation with dance and theater artist, educator, racial justice advocate and facilitator Amy Smith. Based in Philadelphia, Smith works to dismantle oppressive structures in non-profit organizations and other groups so that artists and low income folks can achieve collective liberation. She leads financial well-being workshops through Creative Capital, Assets for Artists, and in many other settings.

Free and online. All are welcome!

Contact Professor Sarah Wilbur for the Zoom registration link:



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#1: Pedro Lasch

Wed, Feb 8 @ 5 pm in Rubenstein Arts Center 131

#2: Michael Kliën and Alyah Baker

Wed, Feb 15 @ 5 pm in Rubenstein Arts Center 131

#3: Chauntee' Schuler Irving & Torry Bend

Wed, Feb 22 @ 5 pm in Rubenstein Arts Center 131

#4: Dr. Timothy Taylor

Wed, Mar 1 @ 3:30 pm on Zoom

#5: Dr. Jasmine Mahmoud

Wed, Mar 8 @ 5 pm on Zoom

Duke Spring Break

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#6: Amy Smith

Wed, Mar 22 @ 5 pm on Zoom

#7: Dr. Patricia Ybarra

Wed, Mar 29 @ 5 pm on Zoom

#8: Student Research Presenters TBD

Wed, Apr 12 @ 4-6 pm in Rubenstein Arts Center 131

#9: Student Research Presenters TBD

Wed, Apr 19 @ 4-6 pm in Rubenstein Arts Center 131

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