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Science Storytelling


Mar 19 2014


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Forum for Scholars and Publics

011 Old Chemistry Building, Duke's West Campus Quad

Multimedia Approaches to Science Storytelling

Multimedia Approaches to Science Storytelling

A Conversation with Lomax Boyd and Sara Peach

In this interactive workshop led by doctoral candidate Lomax Boyd (Evolutionary & Neuro-Developmental Biology, Duke) and environmental journalist Sara Peach (UNC-CH School of Journalism & Mass Communication and Reese News Lab), we explored how you find your story, how to tell it in a compelling way, how to prepare for after-the-fact storytelling while conducting your research, how to identify and use a variety of multi-media tools, and how and when to seek expert partners for your project. You can find a list of resources shared during this discussion here. See also Ben Lillie: The Humanities of Science Communication.

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