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Human Thriving in the Anthropocene?


Mar 07 2016


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Flyleaf Books

752 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Human Thriving in the Anthropocene

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Human Thriving in the Anthropocene?

A Discussion with Authors Jedediah Purdy and Roy Scranton

All are welcome to a discussion at Chapel Hill’s Flyleaf Books with Duke University professor Jedediah Purdy and Rice University post-doctoral fellow Roy Scranton about their recent books on the anthropocene and their differing views about the possibility for a peaceful and rich human future. The discussion will be moderated by David Graham (Duke ’09), staff writer at The Atlantic. Scranton’s and Purdy’s books have been featured together in recent reviews and debates concerning the future of humanity in the anthropocene:

Impurity: Two Books on the Anthropocene, by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Los Angeles Review of Books, November 30, 2015

Forum: The New Nature, Boston Review, January 11, 2016. Featuring Jedediah Purdy opening the debate, with responses by Jo Guldi, Robert Paarlberg, David Keith, Ugo Mattei, Paul Waldau, Jairus Grove, Andreas Malm, Anna Tsing, Vandana Shiva, and Roy Scranton


Jedediah Purdy

Duke University

Jedediah Purdy, Robinson O. Everett Professor of Law at Duke University, teaches constitutional, environmental, and property law and writes in all of these areas. He also teaches legal theory and writes on issues at the intersection of law and social and political thought. He is the author of five books,…...

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Roy Scranton

University of Notre Dame

Roy Scranton is the author of War Porn and Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, and co-editor of Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War. His journalism, essays, and fiction have been published in The Nation, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Boston Review, and elsewhere. He holds…...

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