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African American Cemeteries


Nov 16 2019


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


North Carolina School of Science and Math Music Suite

1219 Broad St Durham, NC 27705

African Am Cemeteries

African American Cemeteries: Remembering, Reclaiming, Resisting

William Sturkey, Kami Fletcher, Brian Palmer, Erin Hollaway Palmer, and Adam Rosenblatt

“African American Cemeteries: Remembering, Reclaiming, Resisting” is part of a new education series from the Friends of Geer Cemetery in Durham. This panel includes historians, journalists, and people working in cemeteries. Together, they will inform attendees about the history of Durham’s Geer Cemetery, efforts to preserve the space, gather people together there, and tell its stories — which are the stories of African Americans who built Durham. The speakers are also uniquely poised to place Geer Cemetery in a wider context of contested American memory, African American deathways, white supremacy, gentrification, and public space.

Sponsored by the Friends of Geer Cemetery, the Forum for Scholars and Publics, and Duke’s International Comparative Studies. Banner photo of East End Cemetery reclamation work courtesy of Brian Palmer.

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